Retail store owners certainly understand the importance of dependable store fixtures. Durability is critical, but so is style. Chances are you also want something that requires minimal maintenance. For all these qualities, many retailers are turning to acrylic (Perspex) when redesigning their store’s interior. Versatile and inexpensive, acrylic has many of the benefits of glass, at a lower cost, and without the breakability factor.

There are a number of key advantages in using acrylic for your store fixtures. Strength may be the most important one. Although it doesn’t always look it, acrylic can actually support quite a bit of weight, It weighs much less than but does the same job so far as the look and of it goes. It is also very easy to cut and shape into many different forms that used for many different applications. The other big advantage is that is also available in many different colours.

The transparency of acrylic also allows items to be viewed more easily, and enhances the product being displayed. Acrylic is flexible to work with, making it useful for a variety of different display stands. It can take different shapes, and can have either rounded or square corners, depending on your needs. The flexibility also makes it easier to duplicate pieces, which comes in especially handy if you have more than one store and require standardized displays. It can be easily silkscreen printed allowing the customer to highlight their specific brand, therefore enhancing the brand in an in store environment

Below are a few ideas for using acrylic in your product displays:

  • Display Cases – Perfect for displaying that precious model car, boat or plane or perhaps a precious constructed figure
  • Retail Display Cases – Designed specifically for the retail environment.
  • Counter Display Cases – Eye-catching Counter displays ideal for many retail settings.
  • In store brand headers – Illuminated or just simple signage with either vinyl, silkscreen of laser cut letters .
  • Product Enhancing Displays– To highlight products in store
  • Information Holder– To highlight in store pricing or product information
  • Price Point Display– Free standing, wall mount, rail or shelf mount
  • Slat wall display shelves– To display products on slat wall shop fitting systems